Techne Subjects

Below is a list of subjects where Techne universities welcome enquiries from prospective doctoral students.  The list is indicative only, and only some aspects of disciplines may be included where there is overlap with other UKRI Funding Councils.  If you are unsure about whether your area is covered please contact one of universities or email

AHRC Level 2 Descriptor Techne Group

Classical Literature H (History)

Classical Reception H (History)

Philosophy, Thought and Religion H (History)

Epigraphy and Papyrology H (History)

Languages and Linguistics H (History)

Gender and Sexuality Studies C (Cultures & Heritage)

Museum and Gallery Studies C (Cultures & Heritage)

Cultural Studies and Pop Culture C (Cultures & Heritage)

Policy, Arts Management and Creative Industries C (Cultures & Heritage)

Cultural Geography C (Cultures & Heritage)

Heritage Management C (Cultures & Heritage)

Conservation of Art and Textiles C (Cultures & Heritage)

Area and Development Studies C (Cultures & Heritage)

Cultural History H (History)

Political History H (History)

Imperial/Colonial History H (History)

History of Science/Medicine/Technology H (History)

War Studies H (History)

Religious History H (History)

Economic and Social History H (History)

American Studies H (History)

Post-Colonial Studies H (History)

Jurisprudence/Philosophy of Law C (Cultures & Heritage)

Human Rights C (Cultures & Heritage)

Criminal Law and Criminology C (Cultures & Heritage)

International Law C (Cultures & Heritage)

EU Law C (Cultures & Heritage)

Public Law C (Cultures & Heritage)

Comparative Law C (Cultures & Heritage)

Common Law, including Commercial Law C (Cultures & Heritage)

Law Regulated by Statute C (Cultures & Heritage)

Law Relating to Property C (Cultures & Heritage)

Legal History C (Cultures & Heritage)

Political Philosophy H (History)

Philosophy of Mind H (History)

Aesthetics H (History)

Metaphysics H (History)

History of Ideas H (History)

Language and Philosophical Logic H (History)

Epistemology H (History)

Ethics H (History)

History of Philosophy H (History)

Philosophy of Science and Mathematics and Mathematical Logic H (History)

Philosophy of Religion H (History)

Diplomacy and International Relations C (Cultures & Heritage)

Old Testament H (History)

Modern Theology H (History)

Judaism H (History)

Islam H (History)

Liturgy H (History)

Systematic Theology H (History)

Church History and History of Theology H (History)

New Testament H (History)

East Asian Religions H (History)

Buddhism H (History)

Hinduism H (History)

Jainism H (History)

Sikhism H (History)

Alternative Spiritualties/New Religious Movements H (History)

Atheism/Secularism H (History)

Inter-faith Relations H (History)

Contemporary Religion H (History)

History of Dance P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Dance Performance P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Dance Notation P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Social Dance P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Choreography P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Architecture History, Theory and Practice V (Visual Arts)

Design History, Theory and Practice V (Visual Arts)

Digital Art and Design V (Visual Arts)

Product Design V (Visual Arts)

Theatre and Society P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Dramaturgy P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Scenography P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Performance and Live Art P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Theatre and History P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Theories of Theatre P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Drama and Theatre - Other P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Media and Communication Studies C (Cultures & Heritage)

Journalism C (Cultures & Heritage)

Publishing C (Cultures & Heritage)

Television History, Theory and Criticism C (Cultures & Heritage)

New Media/Web-Based Studies C (Cultures & Heritage)

Film History, Theory and Criticism C (Cultures & Heritage)

Traditional Music P (Performing & Creative Arts)

History of Music P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Music and Society P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Popular Music P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Composition P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Classical Music P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Musical Performance P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Musicology P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Fine Art History, Theory and Practice V (Visual Arts)

Photography History, Theory and Practice V (Visual Arts)

Art Theory and Aesthetics V (Visual Arts)

Community Art including Art and Health V (Visual Arts)

Installation and Sound Art History, Theory and Practice V (Visual Arts)

Digital Arts History, Theory and Practice V (Visual Arts)

Applied Arts History, Theory and Practice V (Visual Arts)

Art History V (Visual Arts)

Design History, Theory and Practice V (Visual Arts)

Film-based media (History, Theory and Practice) V (Visual Arts)

Time-based media History, Theory and Practice V (Visual Arts)

American Studies L (Languages & Literatures)

Interpreting and Translation L (Languages & Literatures)

Lifewriting L (Languages & Literatures)

History and Development of the English Language L (Languages & Literatures)

Literary and Cultural Theory L (Languages & Literatures)

Post-Colonial Studies L (Languages & Literatures)

Italian Studies L (Languages & Literatures)

Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin Studies L (Languages & Literatures)

English Language and Literature L (Languages & Literatures)

Creative Writing P (Performing & Creative Arts)

Comparative Literature L (Languages & Literatures)

French Studies L (Languages & Literatures)

Medieval Literature L (Languages & Literatures)

Comparative Studies L (Languages & Literatures)

German, including Dutch and Yiddish L (Languages & Literatures)

Gender and Sexuality L (Languages & Literatures)

Textual Editing and Bibliography L (Languages & Literatures)

Syntax L (Languages & Literatures)

Semantics and Pragmatics L (Languages & Literatures)

Phonetics L (Languages & Literatures)

Language Variation and Change L (Languages & Literatures)

Lexicon L (Languages & Literatures)

Linguistic Theory L (Languages & Literatures)

Morphology and Phonology L (Languages & Literatures)

Applied Linguistics L (Languages & Literatures)

Linguistics (General) L (Languages & Literatures)