Training and Events

Techne aims to make a wide range of training opportunities available to all our students to compliment training being provided at your own home institution. Some will be interdisciplinary and some more subject-specific; some will be held online and some in person; some organised by academic colleagues and students from our member universities, and others delivered by professional training providers.

The only Techne events that are mandatory to attend are your cohort's Welcome Event at the start of your Techne funding, and our Congresses. Beyond that, Techne students are encouraged to undertake approximately 10 days of training per year (this can be organised by Techne, your university, or elsewhere) and to choose activities which feel most necessary for your research and stage of PhD.

Students from outside of Techne are welcome to attend Techne events where space is available. Please contact if you are interested in attending any of our events.

We want to ensure that all of our events are as inclusive and accessible as possible. If you have any accessibility needs for any Techne training or events that you are going to attend, please email with more information and we will be happy to help with this. Techne is in the process of establishing an EDI committee who will develop a more detailed policy in the coming months. 

If you are applying for event funding, take a look at our sustainable events policy for advice about how we aim to make Techne training more environmentally friendly. 

Travel to Techne Events

Travel costs (only costs with receipts) for attending Techne events such as the Techne bi-annual Student Congresses, Welcome Event and Techne funded training events, can be reclaimed via your home institution using your institutions process for expense claims. Please reference the name of the event on your expense claim. If you are unsure if the event is a Techne funded event please get in touch with us to check. 

If overnight accommodation has been provided but no evening meal, you can claim reimbursement for an evening meal (in line with your institution's policy and limited to £25). Please note that travel costs for students travelling to their home institution are not eligible. Students may only claim travel within the UK and from their home address as recorded at their institution or from another starting point where the travel costs are lower than those from the home address.