Applying to Techne

Techne awards up to 57 AHRC/UKRI studentships each year across the range of arts and humanities disciplines: 45 in its open competition and 12 through the Collaborative Doctoral Awards scheme.  Studentships include maintenance and UK rate fees for 3.5 years for a full time student; or 7 years for a part-time student (paid at 50% of full fees and stipend). 

Application Process and Eligibility

You will need to apply to your chosen Techne University for a place on its PhD programme and have been accepted as a student before you can apply to Techne.  Your Techne institution will be able to give you information about its internal timeline and application process. Contact information can be found on our Members, Partners and Students section

  • Students who have already started their PhD are eligible to apply as long as they have at least 50% of the period of their PhD remaining. 
  • International students can apply for a Techne award but are eligible for UK home fees and stipend only. International applicants will be responsible for all costs associated with their Visa application. 

You will need to apply to your chosen University for a place on their PhD programme and have been accepted as a student before you can apply Techne.  You will be notified by your University about the Techne application process.

Techne PhD student Anushka Tay researching at the Archive, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. Photo by Alice Nelson

If you are not sure which institution fits with your research, please have a look at our current Techne student community, you can sort by subject and interests, this may help you narrow down your search for your best fit.

If you are interested in a Techne studentship, please contact a member of staff at the university where you wish to study, information is on our Members, Partners and Students. 

Our subject list gives an indication of the subject areas in which Techne offers studentships.

Artwork by Techne student Gareth Brookes