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Chiara Muzzi

Chiara Muzzi

Loughborough University London (2023)


Professor Thomas Tufte


‘What do women activists sound like?’ An exploration of women’s environmental activism in Europe through the lens of community radios


This study highlights the voices of women environmental activists in community radios. It explores ways in which they represent nuanced and diverse views using a hyperlocal media and considers their potential for re-storying narratives within a framework of communicative injustice that does not favour their participation, and how they navigate it. A second framing of intersectional feminism is used for a critical exploration of their context informed by questions of race, ethnicity and class and the investigation of diversity.

The research will collate and map information on specialised environmental shows in selected European countries and conduct participative enquiry with an intersectional group to explore identities and environmental discourses both locally and in relation to the wider context.